2023 House with arcade 2023

ARCHITECTS: Marcin Kościuch Tomasz Osięgłowski
COOPERATION: Anna Szewczyk
AREA: 75 m2m²
STATUS: under construction


This house was designed in a small resort town near Murowana Goślina. In the guidelines that we received from the lady investor, the house was to have an area of about 70 m2, be two-story, and have a covered terrace.


Looking for inspiration, we looked at the history of the village where we were to design. It turned out that it was founded in the 18th century by the Olenders, settlers from the Netherlands and Friesland. We don't know what the buildings of the village looked like in their time, but we know of many examples of their buildings that have survived to this day, in other places. These are primarily wooden houses with slanted roofs, and characteristic arcades supported by wooden posts.


And it was these houses that inspired us. Our project is a contemporary version of an arcaded house. As in the Olender houses, a fragment of the upper floor is supported by wooden posts, thanks to which a small covered terrace was created next to the living area, which opens to the most interesting and picturesque part of the plot and neighborhood.


The plot is largely wooded, with tall pine trees growing on it, so the roof has heavily overhanging eaves, which are devoid of gutters, as falling needles would clog them in a very short time. The house is an open space on the first floor, and two rooms separated by a bathroom on the first floor. At the entrance gate to the plot is designed a small room for bicycles, and on the south side of the entrance terrace we have equipped a multifunctional furniture, with a place for seating, and several cabinets.

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