year 2004 IP SYSTEM office interiors year 2004

ARCHITECTS: Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski
in cooperation with: Anita Chudecka, Paweł Kuczma
AREA: 600 m²
STATUS: completed


Existing condition: a magnificent two-nave post-industrial interior on the top floor of a building that used to be a shoe factory, rhythmically repeating reinforced concrete frames with interesting geometry and a panelled ceiling, aluminium joinery, multiplication. Aesthetic assumptions: creating a detail and ornament out of elements of technical infrastructure - ventilation ducts, air-conditioning units, network and electric cables, emphasising the industrial origin of the interior and the nature of the investor's activity, contrasting the harshness (rough texture, imprecision) of the existing elements with the smoothness and precision of the designed ones, lighting with the use of hidden light sources.

Spatial assumptions

Spatial assumptions: leaving as much open space as possible (as far as possible), elements designed as large-scale repetitive furniture inserted into the storeys.
functional assumptions: two access zones.
Zone one accessible to employees and clients includes a reception area with a waiting room, marketing department, chairman's offices, conference room and accounting offices. Zone two accessible only to employees is a single-space room with separate repetitive cubicles, social rooms.

Photos: Lukasz Zandecki

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