Komputronik / Store chain project

ARCHITECTS: Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski
AREA: -m²
STATUS: unrealised


For the design of the shop space, we were inspired by the drawing of integrated circuit boards that are found in all of today's electronic devices. All the furniture incorporates a characteristic 45 degree twist. In the same way, the drawing of lamps was imposed, as well as graphics on the floor drawing the customer into the interior and marking the most important sections of the shop.


When designing the furniture, we were inspired by the casings of modern electronic gadgets. Almost all of today's computers, laptops, printers, phones, etc. have, for ergonomic and technological reasons, curves. These roundings have also been adopted by our furniture. Sales of today's electronic devices, in addition to their functional properties, are strongly influenced by their aesthetics. Buyers choose a product by assessing its visual aspect. We decided to make it easier by designing rotating platforms in the furniture (they rotate by 180 degrees) which enable the buyer to look at the item from all sides without having to lift it. The furniture is made up of modules that can be assembled in any way you like depending on the shape of the interior where the next shop is to be built.

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