year 2020 Tenement house on Fabryczna Street year 2020

ARCHITECTS: Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski
COOPERATION: Kamila Dembińska, Przemysław Fedorczuk, Łukasz Piszczałka, Bożena Wróbel
AREA: 1800 m²
STATUS: completed
AWARDS: J.B. Award. Quadro 2019 - Nomination


This is a townhouse designed on a typical urban plot with a truncated corner, at the junction of Fabryczna and Robocza Streets. It is a six-storey residential building with a dark cladding on the ground floor and a withdrawn top floor. A characteristic element of the façade is the aluminium strip between the storeys, which surrounds the balconies. This is a contemporary version of the typical tenement house cornices. 


 The balconies themselves are an equally characteristic element of the building. Their trapezoidal outline is a repetition of the shape of the plot (a truncated corner with an open angle). Their balustrades are glass, covered with a gradually thinning print. This print serves two purposes: it allows their contents to be hidden, and in the city the balcony often serves as an extra utility room, and it makes the glass visible to birds. Their floors are made of wooden planks. And on their underside there is a relief that shows how the supporting elements run inside them.

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