buty ugg sklep polska: ugg buty
pregnant lampYEAR:2010
architects:Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski cooperation:R. Rychlicki, Ł. Piszczałka, stud. E. Chałupniczak status:koncepcja
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PREGNANT LAMP/ park lamp with a built-in nest box. The lamp is designed in three versions. The basic one has only a built-in, exchangeable nest box. The second version is an educational version with a camera inside the box and a small LCD screen in the lower part of the lamp. It allows to observe the birds inside the nest box. An information about the bird’s species and it’s habits can be also displayed on the screen. The third version gives a possibility to live-stream the picture from the camera straight to a website, where one can observe what happens in the nest boxes all around the world.

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