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waryński squareYEAR:2008
architects:Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski cooperation:Adriana Ronżewska-Kotyńska, oraz stud. archi. Kasia Osipowicz, Adam Turczyn, Piotr Grabowski, Maciej Sokolnicki status:zrealizowany
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It is by no means our design !!! But we included it here on purpose. This is our contribution to rescuing good post-war architecture, which is quite widespread in Poland, and which has been recently becoming a victim of the omnipresent thermal upgrading of buildings. We would like to show to our colegues from other cities (and not only them) that it is worth sacrifying some spare time to rescue these buildings before they vanish under the layers of decorative checquers, dots and stripes. Professor Jan Węcławski was the author or co-author of several excellent buildings in Poznań (Mercury Hotel, Church of St. Jan Kanty). We didn’t manage to find the original documentation, and unfortunately long years of redecoration works have completely destroyed the original drawing of elevation. We cant’t be 100 % sure that this is what the building looked like, but we think that we are close to the original. We managed to convince the investor (building management) not to cover the staircase windows with bricks, but install new windows instead – ones with the same format (although made of plastic – well… the costs). We also avoided new plasterwork on staircases – instead, brick walls were cleaned thoroughly. Balconies were not painted to look like rainbows… etc. We ought to mention that these “upgrades”, which we luckily managed to avoid, were all included in a design waiting for final building approvals and permits. All in all, we would like to encourage everyone to pay attention to what is happening to their buildings. Some of them may soon qualify for being included in the register of architectural monuments, but only providing they can survive the wave of thermal upgrading that is currently flooding Poland.
Foto. Łukasz Zandecki and i Jeremi Buczkowski

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