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Presentation of interiors for Allegro in Architecture Murator magazine. Text: Tomasz Głowacki, photos: Juliusz Sokołowski.
/Non-standard solutions and unique choice of materials have resulted in an interior defying rigid conventions of space. It does not follow the latest office trends, in which the balance between work and fun is often disturbed./
/Employing their previous experience of designing a small house for a girl called Maja, Ultra Architects have once again developed an attractive, child-friendly space./

Grzegorz Piątek and Jarosław Trybuś „Frosting and meat”

In „Frosting and meat” Marcin Kwietowicz discusses the Polish architecture after the year 1989 together with Grzegorz Piatek and Jaroslaw Trybus. They also talk about us.


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