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brodnica settlement urban planning aspectsYEAR:2011
architects:Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski cooperation:Łukasz Piszczałka, Przemysław Fedorczuk, Adam Turczyn, Barbara Suszczewicz status:projekt area:12000
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It is a project comprising six relatively small houses for sale, developed to an order from a developer company. We set off with design work based on the planning permission obtained from the investor, defining roof inclination, maximum eaves height, position of the ridge relative to the road (residential section), minimum plot area, etc. We were inspired in our design work by the development typically found in small settlements, villages and towns in this part of Wielkopolska. They usually comprise a residential building and two or three utility buildings. We are perfectly aware that the living area in those houses performs other functions than in the past, when a farm yard was located behind the buildings, yet we were still inspired by the scenic appeal of such homesteads, comprising several facilities different in size, and often made of different materials. Our design includes two building types. One comprises two sub-sections and the other three. This enabled us to separate individual private quarters within a house. Both designs provide for a leisure section on the south-western part of the plot, with one house section in between. The plots are separated from the public space with relatively small hedgerows and gabion walls, that is steel cages filled with rock. Entrances and walk gates are made of steel frames filled with wood. Public space pavements are separated from the street with a greenery strip, where trees will be planted.

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