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park kasprowicza poznańYEAR:2007
architects:Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski, Paweł Handschuh cooperation:Alicja Janczak, Adriana Ronżewska-Kotyńska, Katarzyna Handschuh, Marta Perlik status:projekt area:170000
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This is a redevelopment design created for the existing Kasprowicz Park in Poznań. Its central element is “Arena” sports and exhibition centre. The new functional programme developed for the site includes the addition of an indoor swimming pool and a skating rink, matched by a complex of residential buildings located on a private-owned lot adjacent to the park. While redesigning the park, we retained the historical composition (PWK 1929) and the longest axis leading to the Arena (from the south). Greenery has been designed in such a way so as to complete the existing and newly developed buildings rather than dominate them. While designing the swimming pool, we made use of a natural downslope, partly hiding the facility under the park surface. The inspiration for the shape of the skating rink came from the movement that is so typical for all ice-related sports. The residential complex comprises several buildings running parallel to the street (from the west) in order to create a buffer protecting the interior from a burdensome two-lane road. On the other hand, the complex is “softened” from the east, where gradually smaller and smaller forms are employed, so as to smoothly merge with the park area.