buty ugg sklep polska: ugg buty
architects:Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski cooperation:Agata Ostrowska, Adriana Ronżewska-Kotyńska, Anna Semeniuk status:projekt area:8700
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A design for an office building in an unexposed part of the city centre. The plot of land is situated inside the quarter between Wolności Square and Święty Marcin Street. This is where one of Europe’s biggest cinemas – Słońce (The Sun) – was situated before the Second World War. And it was nothing else but the sunlight that shaped the design of this building – both when attempts were made to avoid it in the most exposed places, and when light was directed to spaces where it was scarce. Walls of the building reach the townhouse at 6 Wolności Square, whose redevelopment is also part of the design. The key element of the design comprises three wings with office spaces, each one being shorter than the neighbouring wing, which is necessitated by the shape of the plot. These structures are parallel to Wolności Square and Święty Marcin Street, their longer sides running in a north-south direction. South facades are characterised by long, vertical windows – which make it easy to control the amount of light entering the building – along with large surfaces of bright walls reflecting the light. In this way the sunlight indirectly reaches the north façade, which prides itself on four times more windows. The three wings are connected by a long building with variable height (dependent on outline planning permission) attached to the rear sides of annexes built on the neighbouring lots. The empty slots between the buildings are filled by patios, which can be accessed by passages in the lowest floors of the combs (in the future making it possible to connect Wolności Square and Św. Marcin Street with an arcade). The patios have been designed as little gardens, with small architectural elements, ponds, wooden terraces, offering space for rest (e.g. during lunch breaks). The patios are open from the west, facing the free space of the neighbouring plot on which the rear side of university library is located (at Ratajczaka Street). Owing to this open space, they are very well illuminated. As the building is not a part of the street frontage, the employed materials are simple, including noble plasterwork as well as dark titanium and zinc metal sheets “borrowed” from the rooftops. In the building part situated the closest to Wolności Square, the elevation has been designed in such a way so as to create divisions enabling easy expansion by adding two wings.