buty ugg sklep polska: ugg buty
department store poznanYEAR:2006
architects:Marcin Kościuch, Tomasz Osięgłowski status:koncepcja area:Szymon Osijewski, Alina Pacholczyk budget:6000 PLN
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This design for a retail and office building encloses a quarter contained between Krakowska and Królowej Jadwigi Streets. The place connects two city zones, one full of town houses dating from the turn of the 19th century, and the other being completely modern, with skyscrapers in Anders Square. When working on this site, we wanted the connection to remain visible. The wall facing the quarter was supposed to be simple in form, employing traditional materials, and featuring vertical city subdivisions. On the south-western part, in turn, we decided on a two-layer ventilated façade, aiming to protect office interiors against overheating and the noise coming from the busy Królowej Jadwigi Street. However, this contemporary part features untypical, traditional subdivision (characteristic of town houses) into the base course, the middle part, and the retracted upper floor. One of the shortcomings of the plot is the pavement, which too narrow for the pedestrian traffic in this area. For this reason the entrances to the retail zone have been placed in specially designed recessed corners, forming small squares. People going into or out of the building can thus avoid finding themselves immediately in the middle of traffic. We have also allowed for the addition of an underground retail floor to the underground passage under the junction of Królowej Jadwigi and Półwiejska Streets – to be constructed in the future.