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The success projectYEAR:2006

FLUID no. 59 „The success project” text: Matylda Prus, Jaroslaw Trybus /We often hear from critics and conneseurs alike that architects will be better off in the 21st century than ever before. It’s theory. In practice, we can hear silent complaints coming out of every engineering school and every workshop. It’s often said that one has to migrate, that the Irish are need of architects, that the English are prone to give one a job, that it is worth trying one’s luck in China. But, needless to say, there also those who possess the will and energy to stand up to the challenges that await them in the Polish market. And they succeed. What is needed, how do they do this? / A talk with young Polish architects: Robert Konieczny, Kuba Wozniczka,, and our own Ultra Architects’ representative – Tomasz Osieglowski.